Veganish Foodies

It’s okay to be veganish before you become vegan.

You could also call this our

“Veganish Ideologies”

Our New Beginning: 2016

Our journey began in 2015 consistently and desperately looking for ways to relieve our chronic body pain, kidney stones, constant stomach issues, inflammation, decreased the range of motion, abnormal tissue swelling and more. We started researching food and looking for healthier options. We started to only go to food establishments where we could see our food being prepared as well as cooking more at home. We started eliminating red meats and pork products, which snowballed into eliminating other well known and liked foods. Such as sugar, carbs, starches, dairy and so much more! This didn’t happen overnight but our progress in 2 years is more than what we initially hoped for. We’ve been documenting everything along the way, our progress, our struggles, side effects, the do’s and don’ts with the hopes that our journey helps and inspires the masses. This transition continues to surprise us on a daily basis. Constantly we are indulging in discovering new foods, new resources, new information and of course meeting lots of people who are new or transitioning to a healthy living lifestyle.

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