It’s okay to be veganish before you go vegetarian or vegan!

We created this page for anyone, any age, and all backgrounds, to fulfill all the hype and curiosity about the health and wealth benefits of going vegan. We currently are transitioning to vegans hence the name “Veganish” but we have always been foodies!. We started transitioning SLOWLY over the last 2 years eliminating as well as adding new things SOLELY to our diets and the results have been truly mind-blowing! The reactions, questions, and concerns from our friends and families have led us to Veganish Foodies. We will share the pro’s and con’s, tips, tricks, recipes, secrets, and of course all the restaurants you can still enjoy. As well as some hidden jewels that we have found along the way! We hope to inspire as many people as we can to take baby steps to better health, that’s what we did and will continue to do on our forever journey to a Vegan Lifestyle.

lamont at table india at table

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