Understanding The Natural Eating Concept
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Growing Vegetables In Containers For Beginners
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Have you ever considered switching to a vegan (ish) lifestyle but don’t know how to give up the foods you’ve grown to love?

Understanding the natural eating concept is a clear and easy to read book that spells out how and why to (slowly) transition. It provides practical tips and education, testimonials, a food list with budget-friendly stores to shop at and more. Increasing evidence shows making the switch to more plant-based foods significantly increase the health of both people and the planet. This book will save you time, money, and years of research. If you struggle with weight issues, food addiction, dieting, chronic body/joint pain and more, than this sustainable lifestyle blueprint is for you. Enjoy!

Staying positive on the journey is key to understanding and making the transition. Have you ever thought about growing your own fruits and veggies?

We have and we are just getting started on this journey growing our own resources. Our 1st year growing was amazingly quick but we took notes and studied a lot and still are in the learning phases. Nevertheless, here are 9 months of personal research and experience put into our own words to give you a true first-hand just how easy it is to grow vegetables in the comfort of your home. A realistic guide to help you hit the reset button and get back to agriculture in modern and convenient ways. This book is a great resource especially if you are going through hard times, low on cash, or just curious about how and why to start growing your own produce. Enjoy